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Meeting our university supporters

Meeting our university supporters Bitte begrüßt einen unserer größten Unterstützer für die ISWI2019 – den Rektor der Technische Universität Ilmenau Prof Dr. Peter Scharff, den Kanzler Dennys Klein und die Leiterin des Rektoratssbüros Dr. Margot Bock, die uns heute im ISWI-Büro besucht haben. Zu Beginn begrüßte unser europäischer Freiwilliger Anas die Gäste […]

Betterplace fundraising campaign

We have now launched our Betterplace fundraising campaign! Especially to make our special event during ISWI happen, we are asking for your financial support. What can be revealed already is that the special event will be all about traditional and modern handicraft! With your online donation, you can support ISWI […]

Apply now!

We are happy that you are interested in being a part of ISWI 2019! Today, we have opened our application platform. It is now possible to hand in your application for ISWI 2019 until the 11/11/2018. It is possible to start your application today and edit it later, within the […]

Posters for the World

Few days back we have received more than 450 ISWI 2019 posters! We are now sending them out to our promoters and friends, as well as to all who are willing to support us by distributing posters in their universities, hanging them on blackboards and in offices. If you would […]

ISWI 2019 Preparation Week

Last Week, from 22nd to 26th of September we met in order to finish some pending tasks, discuss the current progress of the organisation of ISWI 2019 and spent some leisure time together with some fun activities. We hope to continue with the good progresses and release further information soon. […]

Getting ready!

We are happy to announce the date for our International Student Week in Ilmenau (ISWI) 2019! Date: 17 – 26 May 2019 Venue: Ilmenau, Germany Topic: Tradition & Transition Application period: October-November More information on ISWI 2019, the application period and application process will follow soon. To stay updated you […]